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[texts]Strength and Durability of Concrete: Effects of Cement Paste-Aggregate Interfaces, Part 1 - Theoretical Study on Influence of Interfacial Transition Zone on Properties of Concrete Materials : Final Report - Zhang, Yiguo
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-97/04-I; Project C-36-37EE, File No. 5-8-31
Downloads: 479 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Identification and Quantification of Radionuclides in Coal Ash : Final Report - Alleman, James E.
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-98/01; Project C-36-68G, File No. 4-7-7
Downloads: 53
[texts]Energy Conservation and Cost Saving Related to Highway Routine Maintenance: Data Collection and Analysis of Fuel Consumption : Interim Report - Sharaf, Essam Abdel-Aziz
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-82/23; Project C-36-67L, File No. 9-11-12
Downloads: 51
[texts]A Multidisciplinary Team Study of High Accident Locations : Interim Report - Ogren, James R.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-78/18; Project C-36-59X, File No. 8-5-24
Downloads: 40
[texts]Traffic Engineering Demonstration Project on U.S. 52 Bypass: Inventory, Analysis and Recommendations : Progress Report - Shunk, Gordon
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-66/08; Project C-36-66D, File No. 8-7-4
Downloads: 215
[texts]Potential Use of Tire Rubber and Ebonite in Asphalt: Synthesis Study : Final Report - Kaya, Abidin
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-92/14-1; Project C-36-50M, File No. 2-4-38
Downloads: 67
[texts]Right Turn on Red: Utilization and Impact : Final Report - Mamlouk, Michael S.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-76/17; Project C-36-17OO, File No. 8-4-41
Downloads: 48
[texts]Framework for a Pavement Evaluation System : Interim Report - Metwali, El-Sayad Wafa
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-81/07; Project C-36-63G, File No. 9-7-7
Downloads: 45
[texts]A Laboratory Method for Determining the Skidding Resistance of Bituminous Paving Mixtures : Technical Paper - Shupe, John Wallace
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-58/LabMeDe; Project C-36-53D, File No. 9-6-4
Downloads: 43
[texts]Effect of Acceleration on Material Properties : Interim Report - Sharma, Hari D.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-72/37; Project C-36-63E, File No. 9-7-5
Downloads: 107
[texts]Low Porosity High Strength Concrete for Highway Bridge Decks : Final Report - Coleman, Samuel Ebow
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-82/02; Project C-36-61H, File No. 5-14-8
Downloads: 114
[texts]An Evaluation Study of Two Nonlimited Access By-Passes in Indiana : Final Report - Pinnell, Charles
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-58/01; Project C-36-54Z, File No. 3-3-26
Downloads: 36
[texts]Traffic Generation and Distribution of Weekend Recreational Trips : Final Report - Schulman, Lawrence L.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/08; Project C-36-54CC, File No. 3-3-29
Downloads: 36
[texts]Operational Planning of Fixed-Route and Demand-Responsive Bus Systems in Greater Lafayette Area : Final Report - Hobeika, Antoine George
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-73/22; Project C-36-74D, File No. 3-9-4
Downloads: 97
[texts]Chemical Control of Brush and Environmental Safety of Roadside Vegetation Management Chemicals : Interim Report - MorreĢ, D. James, 1935-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-76/32; Project C-36-48F, File No. 9-5-6
Downloads: 324
[texts]Techniques in Slipform Paving and Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Construction : Final Report - Olateju, Olubayo Timothy
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-71/06; Project C-36-67E, File No. 9-11-5
Downloads: 321
[texts]An Investigation of Recycling Bituminous Pavements : Final Report - Tia, Mang
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-83/04; Project C-36-21D, File No. 2-8-4
Downloads: 123
[texts]Pavement Drainage and Pavement Shoulder Joint Evaluation Numerical Analysis of Infiltration and Drainage in Pavement Systems : Final Report - Espinoza, Reynaldo David
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-93/02-1; Project C-36-15J, File No. 6-9-10
Downloads: 122
[texts]Procedural Manual for a School Crossing Protection Program in the Communities of Indiana - Michael, Harold L., 1920-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-62/08; Project C-36-17U, File No. 8-4-21
Downloads: 72
[texts]Engineering Soils Map of Martin County, Indiana : Final Report - Okonkwo, Ignatius Okechukwu
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-86/22; Project C-36-51B, File No. 1-5-2-80
Downloads: 66
[texts]The Simulation of Traffic Flow to Obtain Volume Warrants For Intersection Control : Final Report - Lewis, Russell Maclean
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-62/23; Project C-36-17Z, File No. 8-4-26
Downloads: 56
[texts]Stabilization of Clay Soils against Erosion Loss : Technical Paper - Kawamura, Mitsunori, 1939-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-75/04; Project C-36-50H, File No. 6-19-8
Downloads: 99
[texts]Hydraulics of Bridges : Informational Report : Progress Report - American Society of Civil Engineers. Hydraulics Division. Hydraulic Structures Committee. Task Force on Hydraulics of Bridges
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/23; File No. 9-8-2
Downloads: 152
[texts]Traffic Volume Forecasting Methods for Rural State Highways : Final Report - Fricker, Jon D.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-86/20; Project C-36-54OO, File No. 3-3-41
Downloads: 173
[texts]An Integrated Transportation use Modeling System for Indiana, Part I : Final Report - Yen, Andrew Ying-Ming
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-96/18-1; Project C-36-54ZZ, File No. 3-3-52
Downloads: 68
[texts]An Investigation of the Final Construction Record Procedure for the Indiana State Highway Commission : Final Report - Bigane, Anne Marie
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-81/09; Project C-36-67K, File No. 9-11-11
Downloads: 158
[texts]Sonic Test for the Evaluation of Stripping Resistance in Compacted Bituminous Mixtures - Andersland, Orlando Baldwin
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-56/11; Project C-36-8C, File No. 2-5-1-1
Downloads: 90
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 98 : Interim Report - Toft, Graham S., 1942-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-77/02; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 79
[texts]An Evaluation of Traffic Signal Coordination : Final Report - Cooper, Conway Edward
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-71/17; Project C-36-17AA, File No. 8-4-27
Downloads: 43
[texts]A Study of the Accuracy of Photogrammetric Methods in Right-of-Way Determination : Final Report - Cobourn, Lee A.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/19; Project C-36-32T, File No. 1-4-20
Downloads: 53
[texts]Analysis and Load Testing of Two Steel Through Truss Bridges in Indiana : Final Report - Malone, Brian Joseph
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-96/03; Project HPR-2100, File No. 7-4-35
Downloads: 165
[texts]Appendices for the Report: Comparison of Different Methods of Measuring Pavement Conditions, NCHRP Project 1-2, later published in NCHRP Report 7 - Yoder, Eldon J. (Eldon Joseph)
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/Acomp
Downloads: 70
[texts]The Effect of Crushed Stone and Heavy Media Separation on the Durability of Concrete Made with Indiana Gravels - Walker, Richard David
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-56/14; Presented at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Highway Research Board
Downloads: 63
[texts]Moment-Rotation Relationships for Unified Autostress Design of Continuous-Span Bridge Beams and Girders : Final Report - White, Donald W.
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-97/08; Project C-36-56JJ, File No. 7-4-36
Downloads: 68
[texts]Wireless Local Area Network for ITS Communications Using the 220 MHz ITS Spectral Allocation : Final Report - Krogmeier, J. V. (James V.)
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-99/12; Project C-36-75K, File No. 8-9-11
Downloads: 91
[texts]Impact of Kokomo By-Pass from 1950-1964 : Technical Paper - Evans, Eugene G.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-65/16; Project C-36-64A, File No. 3-5-1
Downloads: 41
[texts]The Effect of Steel Fibers on the Toughness Properties of Large Aggregate Concrete : Informational Report - Tatro, Stephen Brent
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-86/03; File No. 5-14
Downloads: 68
[texts]Engineering Soils Map of Daviess County, Indiana : Final Report - Yeh, P. T. (Pao-Tai), 1920-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-84/14; Project C-36-51B, File No. 1-5-2-74
Downloads: 101
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 120 - Cochran, David L.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-86/19
Downloads: 43
[texts]Engineering Soils Map of Greene County, Indiana : Final Report - Johnson, Gregory L.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-89/06; Project C-36-51B, File No. 1-5-2-84
Downloads: 55
[texts]Fly Ash Concrete for Highway Use : Final Report - Diamond, Sidney
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-88/08-1; Project C-36-19G, File No. 5-5-7
Downloads: 261
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 110 : Interim Report - Guenthner, Richard Philip
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-79/22; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 68
[texts]The Effect of Compacted Prestress on Compacted Shale Compressibility : Interim Report - Witsman, Gary Robert
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-79/16; Project C-36-5L, File No. 6-6-12
Downloads: 174
[texts]An Analysis Of Photogrammetry Applied To Right-of-Ways Surveys : Final Report - Scudieri, Philip F.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-61/24; Project C-36-32Q, File No. 1-4-17
Downloads: 120
[texts]Progress Report on Bituminous Concrete Mixture Design: U.S. 52 at Lafayette - Gaudette, Noel G.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-61/29; Project C-36-55E, File No. 2-12-5
Downloads: 55
[texts]A Predictive Model For Travel Times on Two-Lane State Highways : Progress Report - Hejal, Salim Said
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-70/19; Project C-36-73D, File No. 3-4-4
Downloads: 38
[texts]Pore Sizes and Strength of a Compacted Clay : Technical Paper - Ahmed, Syed
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-74/02; Project C-36-5H, File No. 6-6-8
Downloads: 125
[texts]A Study of Transient Excitations Useful for Determining Vehicle Characteristics : Progress Report - Hestad, Erling
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/16; Project C-36-52F, File No. 6-20-6
Downloads: 30
[texts]Airphoto Interpretation of Engineering Soils of Interstate Highway Route 63: Tippecanoe, Clinton and Boone Counties, Indiana : Progress Report - Yeh, P. T. (Pao-Tai), 1920-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/28; Project C-36-51E, File No. 1-5-5
Downloads: 46
[texts]Summary Report on State Highway Needs in Indiana - Covault, Donald O.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-57/20; Project C-36-54T, File No. 3-3-20
Downloads: 51
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